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What We Do


SOSMC was founded to raise funding to renovate the Opportunity School buildings in Chennai, India. SOSMC is located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, and is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charity registered in the United States. The Opportunity School needs renovation due to damage from flooding through the years.    

The school and dormitory is made up of a group of 3 buildings, built between 1969 and 1995. Engineers determined that the buildings were structurally sound and could be lifted 5 feet to reduce exposure from flooding. We started with the newest building, and the renovation included steelwork, brickwork, electrical, plumbing, plastering, painting, woodwork, aluminum partitions, and installing a drainage ditch.  The renovation work for Building 1995 was completed in June 2020! The renovation of Building 1973 was completed in 2023. Now only the 3rd and last building, Building 1985, remains to lifted and renovated.                                



































Watch tour of the renovated Building 1995 with Deaconess Kasthuri Devaraj & Headmistress Amali Vincent - June 2020

See this video of the Building 1995 being lifted.


Pictures from September 7, 2023 

Photos Sept 7 2023 e.jpg
Photos Sept 7 2023 a.jpg
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