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Who Are We?

About Us

In 2014 our founder and president, Marie Naklie McCoy, was working in Chennai, India on an engineering project and discovered the Opportunity School. It was, and is, a well-run vocational school and orphanage for children with disabilities ages 3 through 18. Marie and engineering colleague James Thistlethwaite were so impressed with Kasthuri Devaraj, Headmistress Amali Vincent, and the other wonderful women who run this happy school, and saw that they needed help raising funds for a better building for the children. 


Later that year, Kasthuri connected Marie with others in the US who care about the school, and SOSMC was formed. The initial goal was raising funds for a new school.  But in 2019 when structural engineers determined that the foundation of the newest building (Building 1995) was sound, the project was changed to lifting the building and renovating. In 2020 it was confirmed that the two older buildings could be lifted and renovated as well. 


In December 2015, SOSMC was incorporated in the state of Texas, and was recognized on August 1, 2016 by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax- exempt public charity.

SOSMC Board with Bishop.jpg

SOSMC Board Members at reception in Dallas for Bishop Yesurathnam and his wife visiting from Chennai - October 2019. 

L-R, Dev Krishnan, Courtney Kelly, Marie McCoy, Julie Noel, Michele Vicente, Bishop and wife Evangeline, and Hugh Williams

At school office with Headmistress Amali & Kasthuri.jpg

SOSMC President Marie Naklie McCoy with Headmistress Amali Vincent & Kasthuri Devaraj in Chennai - November 2014

Lordson with Kasthuri and Bishop.JPEG

SOSMC Board Member Lordson David (3rd from left) inspecting the renovation progress on Building 1995  -  February 2020

Dinner for Samuel Jacob.jpg

SOSMC Board Member Samuel Jacob and wife Neela from Toronto at dinner in Dallas with Marie McCoy and Michele Vicente - July 2017

Priscilla and Nisha.jpg

SOSMC Board Member Priscilla David (L) meeting with Opportunity School supporters - June 2016

Thistle at the Opportunity School.png

SOSMC Board Member James Thistlethwaite visiting Opportunity School - July 2014

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