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The Opportunity School has 3 buildings to lift and renovate:

  • Building #1 is finished at a cost of $167,000 (SOSMC contributed $112,000)

  • Buildings #2 is completed at a cost of $128,000 and SOSMC will contribute $32,000 once the Opportunity School receives the FCRA approval.

  • Building #3 will cost around $200,000. We just need $15,000 more to be done.

Donate with a credit card by clicking here:


Or mail a check to SOSMC, 

P.O. Box 12515, Dallas, TX 75225


Note: We are holding the funds in the United States

until such time that the Opportunity School receives the FCRA approval and the Indian government will allow us to resume transferring funds to India again. 

SOSMC has no overhead and is run 100% with volunteers.  Your donation is tax-deductible.


We can do this with your help! Thank you! 

Discover more about SOSMC’s mission and how to help!

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